Do you want a sure fire way to increase and retain more customers? Do you want your business to attract more attention? Would you like to create a positive memorable experience for them? What about reducing stress levels for both you and your team?

If your answer is YES! Then read on…

For all business, it is important to obtain and retain customers…

Ultimately, the way to do this is to ensure they feel good after using your product or service. We have an easy solution for you to guarantee their experience with you is positive.

The key to achieving a happy and satisfied customer is as simple as having a unique aquarium in your office or reception area. A beautiful aquarium creates a striking impact as well as relieving boredom, stress and anxiety.
Extensive research has proven that an aquarium has a therapeutic effect on people. The studies conducted found that people who watch aquariums for a short period of time demonstrate a “…notable reduction in blood pressure, decreased pulse rate and decreased muscle tension.” Aquarium watching has also been found to be “…as effective as hypnosis in reducing anxiety…”

Imagine the benefits to you and your clients! They will feel great which will keep them coming back for more. They will be calmer, so your interactions with them will be more pleasant. And…We guarantee that they will rave about you to others.
As an added bonus, you and your staff will also benefit from the tranquil atmosphere. This will result in a happy and relaxed team that will perform better and have less stress related leave?


Don’t delay, an aquarium could change your business performance and have a positive effect on your health right now! Ph: 02 4945 0644 to speak to one of our Aquarium Consultants or email to arrange a free design and quote.

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